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TL;DR: Flawless will distribute loot via a Loot Council.

The Loot Council will consist of the following:

  • A static <Flawless> Officer that will serve on the loot council indefinitely. The purpose of this is to provide continuity. The current officer assigned to this role is Meurto.
  • A random <Flawless> Officer, chosen by the Guild Master.
  • A random <Flawless> Member, chosen by the Guild Master. This individual will be promoted to a rank that allows them to view and participate in the loot council discussion.
The Loot Council will distribute loot based on the following priorities:

  1. The needs of the Guild.
  2. Prior Raid Attendance. This is tracked here: Link
  3. Previous Item Distribution. This is tracked here: Link
Additional Notes and Considerations:

The Guild Master will not serve on the loot council UNLESS a member of the loot council wishes to be considered for a dropped loot piece. At which time, the Guild Master will assume that players role on the council for the distribution of that loot piece.

All Guild Officers, to include the Guild Master, will abstain from participating in the loot council discussion. Raid members will also be expected to abstain from messaging loot council members in an effort to manipulate the decision making process.

The Loot Council is expected to be objective and free of personal bias when distributing loot. Personal friendships or individual feelings will not be a factor when discussing loot distribution.

Look, the goal here is to make our loot distribution as fair as humanly possible however, mistakes can and more than likely, will be made. If, after reviewing the data, you feel an error was made on the part of the Loot Council, feel free to discuss the issue with any of the Guild Officers.

"This is bullshit" or other loot freakouts in chat will absolutely not be tolerated. Remove your feelings, objectively look at the data, and take it to private messages if you feel there was an error.

We've ran with this system for a few raids now and I think it's a sound and fair way to distribute our loot.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

God bless.


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