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Good Evening,

To continue the discussion on raid spots, I wanted to break it down further for everyones understanding. Flawless leadership does everything they can to ensure a fair, unbiased experience for all members. Everything below is the result of every attempt at that fairness.

*Please review the attendance/roster spreadsheet when reading this, for full understanding.*!1129&authkey=!AETKyODK7OrrVRY

How does the attendance/roster/gear distro sheet work?

When reviewing the Roster Sheet, you'll see Senior Operators and Fill Pool. Senior Operators are the spots held by the highest attendance persons that fill a particular raid spot. These are tanks, healers, melee dps and ranged dps. Each spot was discussed for abilities, buffs, to make a nearly perfect raid composition while using the classes we have access to. If you look at the I column you'll see a total priority, and the J column is a class priority. This is purely based off attendance. There should be no surprises when someone may be invited before you, unless it is because a specific class is needed for the raid. If you're confused, read further below.

The attendance sheet is a list of all members of the guild, their guild attendance records, the count of loot received and date of loot receipt. Overall attendance is kept for historical record to see who has been raiding in the guild the longest, Attendance since first raid is their attendance since the first time they raided with us, or were counted as present for raid.

Gear distro is the loot received per raid, by which is used for loot council purposes.

When does Flawless raid?

Raid Times/Days of the Week
We raid Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 8pm to 11pm. (Invites start exactly at 7:45pm for pull at 8:00pm). You should be at Kargath or Brackenwall Village at invitation time, repairs, with all consumables needed.

We ran a survey across the entire guild we requested everyone to fill out. From that survey we extrapolated the above as the best possible times for the guild, with the highest possible attendance. There is no changing or altering of this at this point. If you cannot make certain raid days, you may be replaced once another members attendance is higher. This is only way to reward members for making every raid possible. If you cannot make these days, we will hold no malice towards you if you need to make a change to another guild whom you can. It's completely understandable.

How do raid invitations work?

Raid Invitation Schedule:
  • 7:45pm Senior Operators will automatically be invited.
  • 7:50pm Healers and tank spots being filled from fill pool.
  • 7:55pm DPS spots being filled from fill pool.
  • 8:00pm Anyone online but not able to be fit will be given full attendance. Buffs and Pull Begins.
If you're online after 8:00pm, attendance is not counted as present. It is your job to notify an officer that you were here and present before 8:00pm.

What is our Molten Core composition?
We have a particular raid composition to help cover the entire Molten Core instance.

4 Tanks /10 Healers / 12 Melee DPS / 14 Ranged DPS
4 Tanks (Close to possible needs)
10 Healers (Just over what we need of 1 per group)
12 Melee DPS (Half of DPS)
14 Ranged DPS (Half of DPS)
3 Warlocks (Gar and trash banish)
3 Hunters (Tranq shots)
5 Mages (Domo encounter and decurses)
Other classes for buffs (totems, class buffs, spec buffs etc.)

How do I become a Senior Operator?

Attendance is the short answer. If you are marked as present, and another user drops their attendance below 80%, based on needs of that class, you will be promoted to Senior Operator and the person you are replacing will be demoted to Operator. If (Druid 1) has 100% attendance and is a Senior Operator, and (Druid 2) has 100% attendance but is only an Operator, if (Druid 2) keeps his attendance at 80-100% and (Druid 1)s' attendance drops to 79% or below. (Druid 1) is demoted to Operator and (Druid 2) is promoted to Senior Operator and now has first priority to the raid.

This is only done along arch-type lines, ie. Tank, Healers, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS and based on raid class needs. A Mage cannot replace a Warrior. But a Warlock can replace a Mage should we have enough Mages already for composition.

Are we going to run a second raid?

The short answer is no. The logistics to keep a raid running as fair as possible is a painstaking process and involves a lot of time. I stare at a spreadsheet for upwards of 15hrs a week. Trying to keep raid lockouts sorted, based on different days with over 100 members is a logistical nightmare, all the while trying to keep to the values of the guild overall in regards to fairness. Two loot councils, two attendance records, two sets of officers. If it were easy and could be kept fair, we would do it. But we feel this is not possible.

How else are we addressing overcrowding?

Well, we are still fresh into raids, and about to be considered on farm status. After certain members receive the gear they want and really don't need anything further, we will begin sitting those members, granting them full attendance, and pulling in those that need. This will give those that haven't made it to Senior Operator, a chance to receive loot at no penalty to the Senior Operator.

As you can see, we take the happiness and fairness of our members extremely seriously. We cannot make everyone happy, we can only do our best for the majority. If you feel we are not serving your best interests, please speak to an officer in a calm, understanding manner and we will do what we can to help. But if all else fails, we might just not be the best fit for you. We understand that, an we wont hold it againist you. We'll do our best if you stick it out to make your Classic Wow experience the best it can be.

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